Marie-Pierre Vernier

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Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) was applied to determine the involvement of the angular gyri in the processing of categorical and coordinate spatial relations. In a categorical task, subjects were asked to judge whether a dot was presented above or below a horizontal line. In a coordinate task, they were asked to judge whether or not the(More)
Children with epilepsy often have attention deficits, even when epilepsy is idiopathic and benign. The mechanisms underlying attention deficits are still unknown and appear to be different between focal and generalized epilepsy. In this study, an attentional capture paradigm was used to study and compare one aspect of attentional control, the resistance to(More)
Stankiewicz, Hummel, and Cooper (1998) proposed that detailed coding of part-whole relations for objects is contingent on objects being attended. We report a neuropsychological test of this assertion. We examined the effects of left-right reflection on object matching in a group of patients with parietal damage and impaired attention to the contralesional(More)
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