Marie Persson

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This paper provides a survey and analysis of applications of Agent Based Simulation (ABS). A framework for describing and assessing the applications is presented and systematically applied. A general conclusion from the study is that even if ABS seems a promising approach to many problems involving simulation of complex systems of interacting entities, it(More)
The article presents a new algorithm for handling concept drift: the Trigger-based Ensemble (TBE) is designed to handle concept drift in surgery prediction but it is shown to perform well for other classification problems as well. At the primary care, queries about the need for surgical treatment are referred to a surgeon specialist. At the secondary care,(More)
Many reference models were developed for software process improvement. Each model, however, is an idealized prescription that is applicable in a limited set of situation only. This paper has investigated how an existing reference model can be tailored to a domain it has not been designed for initially. The tailoring approach is based on translating the(More)
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