Marie-Paule Pautou

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The sensitivity of larval Culicidae to vegetable tannins was investigated in different taxa representative of the fauna from alpine hydrosystems (Aedes rusticus, Culex pipiens) and foreign noxious fauna (Aedes aegypti, A. albopictus). Bioassays reveal that tannic acid at concentrations of 0.1–6 mM is significantly more toxic for C. pipiens than for Aedes(More)
In order to support the demonstration of the regulative capacity of the chick limb bud, already stressed by one of us (Kieny, 1964, 1967), heterospecific combinations were made between chick and quail tissues, the cells of the latter bearing a distinctive nuclear marker. A Japanese quail whole limb bud (stage-18 to 21 of H. H., wing or leg) was grafted(More)
Deficient limb buds composed of prospective stylopod and autopod are able to regulate the missing intercalary zeugopod, the origin of which was investigated by heterospecific quail/chick recombinants. The associations of quail prospective autopod and chick prospective stylopod failed to regulate. The reverse combination of chick prospective autopod grafted(More)
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