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The paraesophageal hernia is an unusual disorder of the esophageal hiatus that may be associated with life-threatening mechanical problems. Elective repair is recommended at the time the condition is diagnosed, and open surgery can be accomplished with a low incidence of complications. The option of performing these repairs through a laparoscopic approach(More)
We report a case in which a venobronchial fistula developed 4 months after insertion of a silicone rubber chronic central venous catheter for chemotherapy administration. In retrospect, the tip of the catheter was in the azygous vein rather than in the superior vena cava. The suboptimal position of the catheter tip, in combination with the infusion of(More)
The Heterogeneous Effects of Training Incidence and Duration on Labor Market Transitions This paper estimates the impact of training incidence and duration on employment transitions accounting for the endogeneity of program participation and duration. We specify a very flexible bivariate random effects probit model for employment and training participation(More)
Mirizzi's syndrome is an unusual complication of cholelithiasis which results when an impacted cystic duct stone causes edema and compression of the adjacent common hepatic duct. The authors report the successful treatment of a patient with this syndrome by laparoscopic means. A flexible 5.0 mm choledochoscope was inserted under laparoscopic guidance into(More)
Laparoscopic techniques for common bile duct stone extraction are becoming increasingly more refined. Current options for removal of gallstones from the common bile duct include: (1) transcystic choledochoscopic stone extraction, (2) combined laparoscopic/fluoroscopic stone extraction using a helical stone basket, and (3) laparoscopic choledochotomy with(More)
The 212th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital was deployed from a United States military base in Germany to the former Yugoslavia to provide medical support for more than 25,000 United Nations soldiers. This medical unit was the first mobile hospital ever to deploy with a capability for laparoscopic surgery. During a 2-month trial period, seven laparoscopic(More)
As the first, substantive contribution, this paper revisits the effectiveness of two widely used public sponsored training programs, the first one focusing on intensive occupational training and the second one on short-term activation and job entry. We use an exceptionally rich administrative data set for Germany to estimate their employment and earnings(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the impact of variation in state laws governing traffic safety on motor vehicle fatalities. STUDY DESIGN Repeated cross sectional time series design. METHODS Fixed effects regression models estimate the relationship between state motor vehicle fatality rates and the strength of the state law environment for 50 states, 1980-2010. The(More)
There has been an observed decline in the incidence of renal stones in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism. Some believe that this is related to earlier surgical intervention. Two studies from the 1950s examined the reverse questions to determine the prevalence of primary hyperparathyroidism in patients with renal stones. This report examined 1,500(More)