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End-to-end privacy policy enforcement in cloud infrastructure
Privacy in the cloud is still a strong issue for the large adoption of cloud technologies by enterprises which fear to actually put their sensitive data in the cloud. There is indeed a need to haveExpand
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Privacy control in the cloud based on multilevel policy enforcement
The cloud computing paradigm is revolutionizing the delivery of information services as it offers several advantages in terms of cost reduction, time-to-market and flexibility. However, suchExpand
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Privacy Control in Cloud VM File Systems
Cloud Computing offers great benefits such as reduced IT costs and an improved business agility. Nevertheless, enterprises are still hesitant to put their sensitive data in the cloud as they notablyExpand
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A Multi-environment Application of Privacy Data Envelopes
This demonstration illustrates the concept of Privacy Data Envelopes (PDE) where each piece of information identified by the user as privacy-sensitive is embodied (or "enveloped") into a dataExpand
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A Software Architecture for Management Information Model Definition, Implementation and Validation
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Seeding the Cloud: An Innovative Approach to Grow Trust in Cloud Based Infrastructures
Complying with security and privacy requirements of appliances such as mobile handsets, personal computers, servers for customers, enterprises and governments is mandatory to prevent from theft ofExpand
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Multimodal notification framework for elderly and professional in a smart nursing home
This article presents a multimodal notification framework allowing the optimal delivery and handling of multimedia requests and medical alerts in a nursing home. Multimodal notifications areExpand
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Adaptive Services for Elderly People and Caregivers in 'Assisted Living' Homes
A voltage across a resistor of a small value connected in series with the cathode or anode of a thyristor is used as a signal source for overcurrent detection. When an overcurrent is generated, theExpand
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processing control of a multimedia object by a software application
To monitor the processing of a multimedia object (OM) by a software application (APPL) implemented in a communication device (CD), a control application (CA) implemented in the communications deviceExpand