Marie-Noëlle Benassy

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The spider venom alpha-latrotoxin (alpha-LTX) induces massive exocytosis after binding to surface receptors, and its mechanism is not fully understood. We have investigated its action using toxin-sensitive MIN6 beta-cells, which express endogenously the alpha-LTX receptor latrophilin (LPH), and toxin-insensitive HIT-T15 beta-cells, which lack endogenous(More)
Whether primary cutaneous follicular lymphoma (PCFL) may or not represent a cutaneous equivalent to nodal follicular lymphoma (FL) is not determined. We have therefore investigated a series of PCFL to determine if tumoral cells carry or not the t(14;18)(q32;q21) translocation, a cytogenetic hallmark of nodal FL. Thirty cases of PFCL were selected according(More)
Synaptotagmins are two C2 domain-containing transmembrane proteins. The function of calcium-sensitive members in the regulation of post-Golgi traffic has been well established whereas little is known about the calcium-insensitive isoforms constituting half of the protein family. Novel binding partners of synaptotagmin 11 were identified in β-cells. A number(More)