Marie Morrison

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This meta-analysis summarized youth, academic, and workplace research on the potential antecedents (demographics, human capital, and relationship attributes), correlates (interaction frequency, relationship length, performance, motivation, and social capital), and consequences (attitudinal, behavioral, career-related, and health-related outcomes) of protégé(More)
Portuguese immigrants to North America represent a large ethnic group with unique family therapy needs. The present study investigates acculturation and the family lives of Portuguese (Azorean) immigrants in Canada. Methods of analytic induction and constant comparison from grounded theory were used to examine transcripts of interviews with 21 Azorean(More)
This article outlines a model for conducting psychotherapy with people of diverse cultural backgrounds. The theoretical foundation for the model is based on clinical and cultural psychology. Cultural psychology integrates psychology and anthropology in order to provide a complex understanding of both culture and the individual within his or her cultural(More)
s International: Section A. Humanities and Social Sciences, 53(07), 2185A.<lb>Karcher, M. J., Davis, C., & Powell, B. (2002). The effects of develop-<lb>mental mentoring on connectedness and academic achievement. School<lb>Community Journal, 12, 35–50.<lb>Karney, B. R., & Bradbury, T. N. (1995). The longitudinal course of<lb>marital quality and stability: A(More)
Relatively little research attention has been devoted to understanding the mechanisms through which the advising relationship functions as a medium for fostering doctoral students' development as researchers. Adapting Lent and Lopez's (2002) model of relational efficacy, we examined three types of efficacy beliefs (self-efficacy, other-efficacy, and(More)
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