Marie McCarren

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STUDY OBJECTIVE Patient satisfaction is an essential outcome measure in the diagnosis and treatment of acute chest pain in the emergency department. We compared patient satisfaction with the diagnostic protocol of a chest pain observation unit (CPOU) and standard inpatient hospitalization. METHODS We prospectively studied patients who presented to the ED(More)
BACKGROUND Although accelerated diagnostic protocols are being increasingly used in emergency departments to diagnose acute cardiac ischemia, there have been no prospective evaluations of a chest pain diagnostic protocol with serial determinations of creatine kinase MB isoenzyme and mandatory exercise electrocardiography (ExECG). METHODS Prospective(More)
Associations between historical, presenting, and treatment-related characteristics and relapse within 8 weeks after a moderate to severe asthma exacerbation were studied in a cohort of 284 adult asthmatics. Data were collected prospectively, and a multivariate model was developed and internally validated. Within 10 days, only 8% had relapsed, increasing to(More)
OBJECTIVES This study was designed to determine if an accelerated treatment protocol administered to acute asthmatics presenting to a Hospital Emergency Department Observation Unit (EDOU) can offset the need for inpatient admissions and reduce total cost per episode of care without sacrificing patient quality of life. METHODS The authors used a(More)
BACKGROUND Emergency diagnostic and treatment units (EDTUs) may provide an alternative to hospitalization for patients with reversible diseases, such as asthma, who fail to adequately respond to emergency department therapy. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the medical and cost-effectiveness, patient satisfaction, and quality of life of patients receiving EDTU care(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To evaluate the applicability of a short-stay protocol for exclusion of acute ischemic heart disease without hospital admission and to analyze these results in the context of a conceptual model. METHODS An observational study of patients who presented with chest pain to the emergency department of an 886-bed inner-city municipal hospital(More)
OBJECTIVE Optimal use of emergency diagnostic and treatment unit (EDTU) resources for treatment of acute asthma should be facilitated by the selection of patients with a high probability of discharge from the EDTU. The study goal was to identify characteristics of the patient or exacerbation that could be used to predict recovery of pulmonary function(More)