Marie Marešová

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A mass budget study of major in-lake Al fluxes, palaeolimnological data on a >10,000 year old sediment record, and in situ photochemical experiments performed at Plesné Lake (Czech Republic) suggest that photochemical liberation of organically bound aluminum (Al) and iron (Fe) by solar radiation is a significant natural source of their ionic species for(More)
Noncalcareous phosphorus (P)-rich lake sediments typically release P associated with iron hydroxide [Fe(OH)3] during the development of hypolimnetic anoxia. High concentrations of aluminum hydroxide [Al(OH)3] in such sediments (e.g., in aluminum [Al]-treated lakes) can prevent the P release. Here we show that sediment ability to bind P can naturally develop(More)
Nicotine is a very widely used drug of abuse, which exerts a number of neurovegetative behavioural effects by interacting with the neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. Using histochemical analysis (NADPH-diaphorase and Fluoro-Jade B dye), the influence of intraperitoneal administration of nicotine on neurons of the hippocampus in 35-day-old male rats(More)
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