Marie-Louise von Linstow

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Acquisition of Pneumocystis jirovecii infection early in life has been confirmed by serologic studies. However, no evidence of clinical illness correlated with the primary infection has been found in immunocompetent children. We analyzed 458 nasopharyngeal aspirates from 422 patients hospitalized with 431 episodes of acute respiratory tract infection (RTI)(More)
BACKGROUND Pyelonephritis is a common infection in childhood and may cause renal scarring. The aim was to determine an effective oral antibiotic treatment of first time pyelonephritis in children. METHODS The study is a retrospective analysis of positive urine cultures collected at a Danish paediatric department from 2010-2013. Urine samples from 378(More)
Respiratory symptoms are common in infancy. Most illnesses occurring among children are dealt with by parents and do not require medical attention. Nevertheless, few studies have prospectively and on a community-basis assessed the amount of respiratory symptoms and general illness in normal infants. In this population-based birth cohort study, 228 healthy(More)
BACKGROUND As respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and human metapneumovirus (hMPV) cause serious respiratory tract infections, the routes of transmission of these viruses are important to elucidate. We examined the modes of virus shedding and shedding duration of RSV and hMPV in young children. METHODS From each child in a group of 44 children (37(More)
The newly discovered human metapneumovirus (hMPV) has been shown to be associated with respiratory illness. We determined the frequencies and clinical features of hMPV and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections in 374 Danish children with 383 episodes of acute respiratory tract infection (ARTI). Study material comprised routine nasopharyngeal(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of asthma appears to be increasing, but our knowledge about factors associated with asthma in young adults is limited. Factors associated with asthma were studied in 624 (66% of those invited) young Danish adults (aged 19 to 29 years). OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to investigate the prevalence and predictors of asthma(More)
BACKGROUND Human bocavirus (HBoV) is a recently discovered parvovirus that has been detected in respiratory samples from children with acute respiratory tract infection (ARTI) and in feces from children with gastroenteritis. However, its role as a causative agent of respiratory disease is not determined. METHODS We investigated the presence of HBoV by(More)
Physical training decreases resting heart rate as well as heart rate and catecholamine responses to ordinary physical activity and mental stress. These effects have been speculated to diminish cardiac morbidity. However, the sparing of heartbeats and catecholamine production might be outweighed by exaggerated responses during training sessions. To elucidate(More)
Compared with untrained (UT) subjects, in trained (T) subjects the increased insulin sensitivity and decreased glucose induced insulin secretion would tend to promote health by decreasing glucose levels and insulin secretion whereas the increased food intake would tend to increase these variables. To study the net effect of training, blood was sampled from(More)
Thirty-four patients with Sjögren's syndrome were retrospectively examined in order to evaluate longitudinal alterations in objective ocular disease parameters and their possible relation to systemic bromhexine treatment. Twenty-three patients (68%) were initially found to respond to peroral bromhexine treatment and were subsequently treated with this agent(More)