Marie-Louise Lackner

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During development of the Caenorhabditis elegans hermaphrodite, the gonadal anchor cell induces nearby Pn.p cells to adopt vulval fates. The response to this signal is mediated by a receptor tyrosine kinase signal transduction pathway that has been remarkably well conserved during metazoan evolution. Because mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinases are(More)
The PERMUTATION PATTERNMATCHING problem, asking whether a pattern permutation π is contained in a permutation τ, is known to be NPcomplete. In this paper we present two polynomial time algorithms for special cases. The first algorithm is applicable if both π and τ are 321avoiding; the second is applicable if π and τ are skew-merged. Both algorithms have a(More)
This paper contains an extensive combinatorial analysis of the single-peaked domain restriction and investigates the likelihood that an election is single-peaked. We provide a very general upper bound result for domain restrictions that can be defined by certain forbidden configurations. This upper bound implies that many domain restrictions (including the(More)
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