Marie-Louise Kann

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The distribution of glutamylated tubulin has been analyzed in mammalian testis using the specific mAb GT335 by immunoelectron microscopy and immunoblotting. In spermatozoa of various species, immunogold labeling showed the presence of glutamylated tubulin in all of the microtubules of axoneme and centrioles, whereas the microtubule network of the spermatid(More)
The distribution of different tubulin isoforms in the mouse sperm flagellum was studied using four site-directed antibodies to tubulin: DM1A and DM1B general anti alpha and beta-tubulin, 6-11B-1 anti-acetylated alpha-tubulin, and GT335 anti-glutamylated alpha and beta-tubulin. Quantitative immunogold analyses were performed on five regions of the flagellum:(More)
The distribution of gamma-tubulin as a marker of microtubule organizing centres (MTOC) was studied during spermiogenesis in rodents and in rabbit, monkey and man. A polyclonal antibody directed against human gamma-tubulin was used both for indirect immunofluorescence (IIF) and post-embedding immunogold procedures. In all species, gamma-tubulin was detected(More)
Using a monoclonal antibody (GT 335) we previously demonstrated that glutamylation is a predominant posttranslational modification of alpha and beta tubulin isoforms in the axoneme of mouse spermatozoa (Fouquet et al., Cell Motil. Cytoskel. 27, 49, 1994). However, we noted that the staining intensity and/or distribution of glutamylated tubulin were not(More)
Nucleoside diphosphate (NDP) kinases, responsible for the synthesis of nucleoside triphosphates and produced by the nm23 genes, are involved in numerous regulatory processes associated with proliferation, development, and differentiation. Their possible role in providing the GTP/ATP required for sperm function is unknown. Testis biopsies and ejaculated(More)
The distribution of Calmodulin was examined during spermiogenesis and sperm epididymal maturation in rabbit, hamster, mouse, rat, monkey, and human. An affinity-purified antibody to Calmodulin was used to characterize this protein in sperm extracts by immunoblot analysis. Post-embedding immunogold procedures were used to localize Calmodulin at the(More)
Glutamylation of alpha and beta tubulin isotypes is a major posttranslational modification giving rise to diversified isoforms occurring mainly in neurotubules, centrioles, and axonemes. Monoglutamylated tubulin isoforms can be differentially recognized by two mAbs, B3 and GT335, which both recognize either polyglutamylated isoforms. In the present study,(More)
The perinuclear cytoskeleton of mammalian spermatids is thought to play a major role in nucleus-acrosome association and in shape changes of the head during spermiogenesis. To test these hypotheses acrosome-less spermatids in blind-sterile mutant mice were investigated for the development of the subacrosomal layer. Immunogold procedures were used for the(More)
Actin has been characterized and localized in sperm cells of many mammals. Nevertheless, the reported localizations obtained by different methods and/or antibodies varied from species to species and even for the same species. To clarify the question, sperm actin distribution was reinvestigated under uniform technical conditions. Immunogold post-embedding(More)
The testes of the monkey, Macaca fascicularis, from birth to adulthood and of rats from puberty to adulthood were examined by both light and electron microscopy to estimate the mitotic activity of the Leydig cells. In monkeys, mitotic activity was measurable only in neonates: 2.3% in Leydig cells and 0.4% in fibroblast-like cells. From measurements of(More)