Marie Lemercier

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OBJECTIVE To report the clinical and laboratory findings of adults with serious chikungunya virus acute infection hospitalized in an intensive care unit. DESIGN Case series study from August 2005 to May 2006. SETTING Medical intensive care unit, South Reunion Hospital. PATIENTS We observed 33 episodes of confirmed acute chikungunya virus infection(More)
A phosphatidylcholine-like phospholipid expressed in the outer leaflet of the cell membrane shortly after mitogenic activation of T-cells is described, based on the binding of monoclonal antibody 90. 60.3. Expression of the 90.60.3 phospholipid antigen in T-cells is activation-dependent. Once expressed, the 90.60.3 phospholipid is in direct physical(More)
A novel surface receptor complex involved in inhibition of T-cell proliferation is described. Biochemical isolation revealed two non-covalently associated proteins of about M(r) 65,000 (p65) and 95,000 (p95). These polypeptides may be related. The p65 form is expressed after cellular activation and replication and is recognized by monoclonal antibody (mAb)(More)
Four different strains of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease virus (2 primary and 2 passaged in primates or mice) were inoculated intra-cerebrally into squirrel monkeys implanted with continuously-recording indwelling electrodes. Simultaneous EEC and videotape recordings were made on unrestrained animals. In addition EEG recordings were made of evoked visual(More)
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