Marie Lapierre

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We examined the hypothesis of dorsomedial frontal lobe involvement in target detection through the effects of distractor interference and multiple target interference on unilateral lobectomy patients. Seven patients who underwent a unilateral frontal lobectomy for epilepsy involving dorsomedial cortex and variable amounts of lateral cortex were compared to(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the anatomy of the sternoclavicular joint, its discus and its variations.Design. Anatomical study (macroscopic dissection). BACKGROUND Textbooks on manual therapy give different descriptions of the movements of this joint. These apparent contradictions could be due to poor understanding of the anatomy of this joint resulting in ignoring(More)
Polygraphic studies were performed over periods of 14 to 76 hours in 30 patients with reccent closed cranial injuries. Correlations between ICP and EEG findings were rarely found (3/16) in cases of cerebral dysfunction of mesodiencephalic or lower levels, where both ICP and EEG were usually stable. Correlations are regularly found in diencephalic or higher(More)
Fig. 1. Intraosseous trocar in sternal position. Opacification of the anterior thoracic venous system: axial section. Intraosseous device can replace intravenous access in emergency. In this letter, we report the first case of intraosseous injection of iodinated contrast agent on a Jamshidi (Cardinal Healt) trocar in the sternum of a 61-year-old man(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the performance of computed tomography (CT) scanning for ascertaining sacroiliitis in patients with suspected spondylarthritis (SpA). METHODS The Echography in Spondylarthritis French cohort consists of 489 patients with suspected SpA. At baseline, all patients underwent clinical examination, HLA-B typing, and pelvic radiography.(More)
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