Marie Knutsen

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Oral contraceptives (OC) have historically been considered a risk factor for gingival diseases. We set out to investigate this premise further, given that, over recent years, hormone concentrations in OC have been substantially reduced. Using a prospective, split-mouth, experimental gingivitis model, pre-menopausal women either taking (n 14) or not taking(More)
The efficacy of power brushes and/or oral irrigating devices in comparison to manual brushing has been the subject of study and controversial results for some thirty years. Recently, a well-designed study has reported that carefully taught, consistently reinforced and monitored toothbrushing combined with necessary professional intervention is as effective(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand the meaning of trauma narration, we examined changes in the trauma narratives of youth receiving trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) and explored the relationship between changes in narratives and in posttraumatic stress. METHOD The sample consisted of 12 non-responders and 12 maximum-responders to treatment (M =(More)
AIM The Norwegian-based Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Diet in Pregnancy study found that a cholesterol-lowering diet during pregnancy was associated with an accentuated reduction in the umbilical artery pulsatility index. This follow-up study assessed the possible association between the index and the infants' blood pressure at six months of age. METHODS(More)
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