Marie Knops

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The study investigates the relationship between changes in physiological energetics of organisms and alterations of growth, development and reproduction of Daphnia magna. Groups of primiparous daphnids were subjected to 8-day exposures to the heavy metals cadmium and copper or to the cationic surfactant, cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB). Energetic(More)
BACKGROUND Pacemaker diagnostic counters are used to guide device programming and patient management. However, these data are susceptible to inappropriate classification of events. The aim of this multicenter study was to evaluate pacemaker diagnostic data using stored intracardiac electrograms (EGMs). METHODS The study included 351 patients (191 males,(More)
BACKGROUND This study was conducted to evaluate the clinical performance of the ventricular automatic capture feature as implemented in the Insignia I Ultra pacemaker system (Guidant) utilizing a variety of ventricular leads. Currently, the optimal programming of the pacemaker output considers both pacemaker efficiency (prolonging battery longevity) and(More)
AIM The purpose of this study was to evaluate the performance of a new VDD pacing system incorporating a high impedance, single-pass VDD lead. The new lead is a bipolar, steroid-eluting, high impedance lead with a full-ring atrial dipole. METHODS AND RESULTS The system was implanted in 46 patients with high degree atrioventricular (AV) block. Patients(More)
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