Marie Köberlein

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OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS In professional classical singing, an even voice quality throughout the entire singing voice range is essential. Transitions between vocal registers (passaggio) are the technically most challenging aspects in classical singing. It is hypothesized that they are most affected by vocal fold mass lesions (VFML). STUDY DESIGN Cohort(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent research has revealed that classically trained tenors tend to constrict epilaryngeal structures when singing in and above the passaggio (ie, the frequency region where register events typically occur). These constrictions complicate visibility of vocal fold oscillatory patterns with transoral rigid high-speed video endoscopy, thus(More)
INTRODUCTION Due to a lack of empirical data, the current understanding of the laryngeal mechanics in the passaggio regions (i.e., the fundamental frequency ranges where vocal registration events usually occur) of the female singing voice is still limited. MATERIAL AND METHODS In this study the first and second passaggio regions of 10 professionally(More)
INTRODUCTION The influence of vowels on the frequency region where registration events in male voices usually occur (passaggio) has not yet been clarified. Particularly, for tenors who frequently have to sing across the passaggio, it might be assumed that the vowel quality has an influence on the stability of phonation. METHODS In this investigation, six(More)
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