Marie-Josée Simard

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This paper presents a weed/crop classification method using computer vision and morphological analysis. Subsequent supervised and unsupervised learning methods are applied to extract dominant morphological characteristics of weeds present in corn and soybean fields. The novelty of the presented technique resides in the feature extraction process that is(More)
BACKGROUND Brief motivational interviewing (MI) can contribute to reductions in morbidity and mortality related to coronary artery disease, through health behavior change. Brief MI, unlike more intensive interventions, was proposed to meet the needs of clinicians with little spare time. While the provision of face-to-face brief MI training on a large scale(More)
Gene flow exposed by genetically engineered crops Gene flow is the transfer of genes between populations of the same or related species. The exchange between crop cultivars of genes selected by traditional breeding that confer characteristics such as shorter stems, higher yield, or increased seed quality will attract little attention. In the same way,(More)
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