Marie-Josée Picard

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We propose and demonstrate the use of the cladding stress-induced photoelastic effect to eliminate modal birefringence in silicon-on-insulator (SOI) ridge waveguides. Birefringence-free operation was achieved for waveguides with otherwise large birefringence by use of properly chosen thickness and stress of the upper cladding layer. With the stress levels(More)
Coupling of light to and from integrated optical circuits has been recognized as a major practical challenge since the early years of photonics. The coupling is particularly difficult for high index contrast waveguides such as silicon-on-insulator, since the cross-sectional area of silicon wire waveguides is more than two orders of magnitude smaller than(More)
We outline a full-vectorial three-dimensional multi-mode matching technique in a cylindrical coordinate system that addresses the mutual coupling among multiple modes co-propagating in a perturbed whispering gallery mode microcavity. In addition to its superior accuracy in respect to our previously implemented single-mode matching technique, this current(More)
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