Marie-Josée Lord

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An investigation is presented of the change in shape of the plantar surface of the foot when the forefoot is everted (prohated) from its natural unloaded orientation into a corrected position frequently used during shoe insert fabrication. Both free and corrected casts were made of 13 asymptomatic feet using established casting techniques. Digital scans(More)
In this review, a description of what is known about plantar pressure distribution in standing and in gait is followed by sections on clinical findings. Two major clinical areas are treated extensively, namely the diabetic foot and the foot in rheumatoid arthritis. Other applications, including the assessment of surgical procedures for orthopaedic(More)
OBJECTIVE Clinical observation has noted that diabetic neuropathic ulcers occur frequently on the plantar surface, whereas neuroischemic ulcers seem to occur often on the foot margins. The reason for this difference in the site of ulceration is unknown, but it may be related to differences in pressure loading. The aim of the study was to compare vertical(More)
Metabolic effects of a selective hepatic vagotomy (HV) were investigated in nonfasted (N) and 24-h fasted (F) rats, at rest and immediately after a 50-min exercise period (26 m/min, 0% grade). In nonfasted rats, no significant differences between HV and sham-operated (SHM) groups were found in blood substrates [free fatty acids (FFA) or glucose], insulin,(More)
This retrospective study evaluated the effectiveness of physical therapy in relieving painful intercourse and improving sexual function in women diagnosed with vulvar vestibulitis. This syndrome is a frequent cause of premenopausal dyspareunia and is characterized by a sharp, burning pain located within and limited to the vulvar vestibule (vaginal entry)(More)
The metabolic effects of a selective hepatic vagotomy (HV) were investigated at rest and immediately after a 50-min exercise period (26 m/min, 0% grade) in rats subjected to an overnight 50% food restriction. This dietary restriction reduced liver glycogen content to 50% of normal resting concentrations (2.2-2.8 g/100 g). No significant differences between(More)
Computer aided design systems are finding use in prosthetics and orthotics in the production of customized components to match to and support body segments. Such systems consist essentially at present of shape measurement, computer manipulation of shape, and manufacture of the support surface or its mould. General themes of design philosophy, relationship(More)
A finite-element analysis is made for the compression of soft tissues of the residual lower limb contained in a prosthetic socket. The analysis is relevant to static loading during stance in a patellar-tendon-bearing, below-knee design of socket. Values of Young's modulus are obtained experimentally for use in the model. One of the main objectives is to(More)