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Despite the new possibilities that speech synthesis brings about, few Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) applications integrating speech synthesis have found their way onto the market. One potential reason is that the suitability and benefits of the use of speech synthesis in CALL have not been proven. One way to do this is through evaluation. Yet,(More)
The evaluation of speech synthesis for CALL is particularly important because speech synthesisers developed for other purposes are being re-used. Yet, very few 'formal' evaluations of speech synthesis for CALL [1-4] have been conducted. One potential reason for the neglect of evaluation is that it is expensive in terms of both time and resources, for which(More)
Questionnaires are often considered a suitable instrument to gather data on language learners' experiences. To test the usability of an online dictionary prototype, a series of questionnaires were distributed to a class of language learners before and after they completed a language task at the computer using the dictionary prototype. Measures of task(More)
We have analyzed circa 180 navigation paths followed by six learners while they performed three language encoding tasks at the computer using an online dictionary prototype. Our hypothesis was that learners who follow an 'optimal path' while navigating within the dictionary, using its search and look-up functions, would have a high chance of successfully(More)
Authenticity of language learning tasks, authenticity of learning experiences and the use of authentic language are important characteristics of communicative language teaching and learning. In this article, ways of achieving productive use of authentic language in a computer-assisted language learning environment are discussed. This discussion concentrates(More)
cc Cette oeuvre est mise à disposition selon les termes de la licence Creative Commons Attribution-Pas de Modification 2.5 Canada Résumé Cet article décrit un projet-pilote pour la conception et la prestation d'un cours hybride de gram-maire en français langue seconde (FLS). La recher-che-action menée sur deux années consécutives en milieu universitaire(More)
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