Marie Jarry

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UII (urotensin II) and its paralogue URP (UII-related peptide) are two vasoactive neuropeptides whose respective central actions are currently unknown. In the present study, we have compared the mechanism of action of URP and UII on cultured astrocytes. Competition experiments performed with [125I]UII showed the presence of very-high- and high-affinity(More)
BACKGROUND Glioblastomas are the most frequent and most aggressive primary brain tumors in adults. The median overall survival is limited to a few months despite surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. It is now clearly established that hyperactivity of cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs) is one of the processes underlying hyperproliferation and tumoral(More)
Cultured rat astrocytes, which express functional urotensin II (UII)/UII-related peptide (URP) receptors (UT), represent a very suitable model to investigate the pharmacological profile of UII and URP analogs towards native UT. We have recently designed three URP analogs [D-Trp4]URP, [Orn5]URP and [D-Tyr6]URP, that act as UT antagonists in the rat aortic(More)
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