Marie Henderson

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The development of Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) is highly desirable to support secure digital transactions and communications throughout existing networks. It is important to adopt a particular trust structure or PKI model at an early stage as this forms a basis for the PKI's development. Many PKI models have been proposed but use only natural language(More)
We consider the implications of the equivalence of commutative semifields of odd order and planar Dembowski-Ostrom polynomials. This equivalence was outlined recently by Coulter and Henderson. In particular, following a more general statement concerning semifields we identify a form of planar Dembowski-Ostrom polynomial which must define a commutative(More)
We give an alternative proof of the fact that a planar function cannot exist on groups of even order. The argument involved leads us to define a class of functions which we call semi-planar. Through the introduction of an incidence structure we construct semi-biplanes using semi-planar functions. The method involved represents a new approach to constructing(More)
We report on a recent implementation of Giesbrecht's algorithm for factoring poly-nomials in a skew-polynomial ring. We also discuss the equivalence between factor-ing polynomials in a skew-polynomial ring and decomposing p s-polynomials over a finite field, and how Giesbrecht's algorithm is outlined in some detail by Ore in the 1930's. We end with some(More)
Note: This is a personal preprint; for correct page numbering and references please see the original paper, the proper citation for which is: Abstract In a recent paper, Kyureghyan and¨Ozbudak proved that u ∈ {1, 2} was a sufficient condition for the polynomial X(X q 2 + X q + (1 − u)X) to be planar over F q 3 , and conjectured the condition was also(More)