Marie-Helene Marion

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OBJECTIVE To study the sequence of occurrence of REM-sleep behaviour disorder (RBD) and dementia and their frequency among a population of patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease (PD). METHODS We performed a cross-sectional study on 65 PD patients seen in a movement disorder clinic and their bed partner, and asked them to complete the validated Mayo(More)
Anterior and posterior sagittal shift of the head are less common postures in cervical dystonia and, as such, have not been comprehensively studied. In this article, we have detailed both our clinical and electromyography (EMG) findings in 11 patients with prominent dystonic sagittal shift of the head. A new technique of injection of the longus colli, based(More)
We review the existing literature on the involuntary facial movement disorders-benign essential blepharospasm, apraxia of eyelid opening, hemifacial spasm, and aberrant facial nerve regeneration. The etiology of idiopathic blepharospasm, a disorder of the central nervous system, and hemifacial spasm, a condition involving the facial nerve of the peripheral(More)
Botulinum toxin (BoNT) injections are an effective treatment for cervical dystonia. Approximately 20% of patients eventually stop BoNT treatment, mostly because of treatment failure. These recommendations review the different therapeutic interventions for optimising the treatment in secondary poor responder patients. Immunoresistance has become less common(More)
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