Marie Hasselberg

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AIM This study assessed whether photographs of burns on patients with dark-skin types could be used for accurate diagnosing and if the accuracy was affected by physicians' clinical background or case characteristics. METHOD 21 South-African cases (Fitzpatrick grades 4-6) of varying complexity were photographed using a camera phone and uploaded on a(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine factors affecting the severity of motorcycle injuries, considering variables related to the individual, the environment, the vehicle, and the crash. METHODS This is a register-based retrospective cohort study. All individuals born in 1970-1972 (n = 334,070) were extracted from the Swedish Population and Housing Census of 1985 and(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To investigate if there are socioeconomic differences in road traffic injuries among Swedish children and adolescents, and if this applies to the same extent to all categories of road users. To assess the modification effect of gender of child. DESIGN A closed population-based cohort study based on the Swedish Population and Housing Census(More)
BACKGROUND Road traffic injuries (RTIs) are a substantial cause of mortality and disability globally. There is little published information regarding healthcare resource utilization following RTIs, especially in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). The aim of this study was to assess total hospital charges and length of stay (LOS) associated with RTIs(More)
The aim of this study is to explore the manner in which different measures of original socioeconomic position (SEP) influence road traffic injuries (RTIs) among young car drivers in Sweden. The study consists of young people age 16-23. Subjects were taken from the Swedish Population and Housing Census of 1990 (n=727,995), and followed up by a search for(More)
BACKGROUND Young car drivers run a higher risk of road traffic crash and injury not only because of their lack of experience but also because of their young age and their greater propensity for adopting unsafe driving practices. Also, low family socioeconomic position increases the risk of crash and of severe crash in particular. Whether this holds true for(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE The study examines whether there are socioeconomic differences among young motorcycle drivers (aged 16-25) involved in road-traffic injuries with regard to age and injury severity. DESIGN Nationwide retrospective register-based cohort study. SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS Subjects born in 1970-1972 were extracted from the Swedish Population(More)
Several significant developmental and socialisation processes in the life of children and adolescents take place in the area where they live. The extent to which they can feel and be safe in this environment is an important component of the success of those processes. This study highlights the independent contribution of neighbourhood and individual-level(More)
AIM The study aims to clarify the most typical circumstances in which car crashes involving young drivers and leading to the occurrence of injuries and to consider the various licensing statuses of the drivers in such crashes. METHOD Young Swedish drivers born between 1984 and 1986 were followed up in the Police register (2003-2004) for their involvement(More)