Marie Hélène Fléron

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Modification of soleus and anterior tibial anterior horn cell excitability following ipsilateral and contralateral stimulations of the sural nerve was studied by either the H reflex (for the soleus and anterior tibial muscles) or the F response (for the anterior tibial muscles). Several intensities of stimulation were employed. In every instance the(More)
In the field of proteomics there is an apparent lack of reliable methodology for quantification of posttranslational modifications. Present study offers a novel post-digest ICPL quantification strategy directed towards characterization of phosphorylated and glycosylated proteins. The value of the method is demonstrated based on the comparison of two(More)
While cancer is one of the greatest challenges to public health care, prostate cancer was chosen as cancer model to develop a more accurate imaging assessment than those currently available. Indeed, an efficient imaging technique which considerably improves the sensitivity and specificity of the diagnostic and predicting the cancer behavior would be(More)
beta-adrenoceptor antagonists, especially atenolol, reduce perioperative cardiac morbidity. Because there are no data on the bioavailability of atenolol given by nasogastric tube in the postoperative period, we assessed the efficacy of this route of administration in 18 patients scheduled for abdominal surgery. We found a 36% reduction in the area under the(More)
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