Marie-Hélène Durand

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The injection ofmillions of tonnes ofgreenhouse gases into the earth's atmosphere may be viewed as a gigantic experiment aimed at exploring the earth's reaction to such challenge. UnfOltUnately, this experiment is run without proper 'controls', and hence the heated debates about the actual impact of those gases may last too long, beyond the time where the(More)
ernment I'm under I object to it!" This general dissatisfaction with the present order of things is evinced even in the title, where we find taxinomy instead of taxonomy, this latter word being rejected on the ground that its formation is vicious, a view that should meet with the approval of sticklers for nomencla-torial purity. Nevertheless, four chapters(More)
This study proposes a method of dynamic decentralization by constraints and its associated software. It can be used to allocate pollutant emissions rights among the different polluters such that they achieve both given global and local emission thresholds not to be transgressed. Knowing the maximum growth rates of polluting emissions of each polluter in the(More)
We present the conclusions of a study of pattern recognition in an intermittent luminous stimulation. This stimulation was stable on the one hand and on the other hand on fixed time basis (S.L.I. pulsations emitted by two flickers) and other associated tests (reaction time, Rorschach Test, etc). We have compared a population of 30 schizophrenics (French(More)
High resolution microfocus X-ray computed tomography (HR-microCT) was employed to characterize the structural alterations of the cortical and trabecular bone in a mouse model of obesity-driven type 2 diabetes (T2DM). C57Bl/6J mice were randomly assigned for 14 weeks to either a control diet-fed (CTRL) or a high fat diet (HFD)-fed group developing obesity,(More)
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