Marie Germaine Higgins

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respectively). The recycling rate inferred from the F(t) constraint is too small to explain the discrepancy between the observed and inferred Sm/Nd ratios in each reservoir. Therefore, Nd isotopic evolution of the upper mantle is controlled not only by recycling of continental crust but also by exchange of material with a different reservoir (21) with a low(More)
The purpose of this longitudinal, descriptive study was to compare new graduate self-appraisals of nursing performance with those of their evaluators and provide information about the length of time new graduates practiced before they and their evaluators agreed about their level of performance. The panel of new graduates and their evaluators were surveyed(More)
Two types of afterdischarges have been recorded in the dentate gyrus after trains of electrical stimulation. The first afterdischarge contains predominantly broad positive potentials. The second afterdischarge contains bursts of large amplitude population spikes and has been termed maximal dentate activation. It has been proposed that the first(More)
The combination of phenobarbital (PB) and phenytoin (PHT) was recommended for many years for treatment of epilepsy in humans. We tested the effectiveness of the combination in a model of hippocampal seizures termed maximal dentate activation (MDA). Two parameters of MDA were measured: duration and time to onset. Neither the vehicle controls nor PHT 80 mg/kg(More)
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