Marie G. Christ

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Although stomachaches and headaches are considered characteristic of children with anxiety disorders, there is converging evidence that a broader range of somatic symptoms may be associated with children's expressions of anxiety. The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of somatic complaints in anxious children. The results indicated that(More)
Bin covering is a dual version of classic bin packing. Thus, the goal is to cover as many bins as possible, where covering a bin means packing items of total size at least one in the bin. For online bin covering, competitive analysis fails to distinguish between most algorithms of interest; all “reasonable” algorithms have a competitive ratio of 1 2 . Thus,(More)
We consider the problem of online graph multi-coloring with advice. Multi-coloring is often used to model frequency allocation in cellular networks. We give several nearly tight upper and lower bounds for the most standard topologies of cellular networks, paths and hexagonal graphs. For the path, negative results trivially carry over to bipartite graphs,(More)
Multi-coloring on the path is a model for frequency assignment in linear cellular networks. Two models have been studied in previous papers: calls may either have finite or infinite duration. For hexagonal networks, a variation of the models where limited frequency reassignment is allowed has also been studied. We add the concept of frequency reassignment(More)
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