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Computer simulation of human movements and postures suffers generally from the lack of reliable data, such as data on joint limits. In this paper, the motion range of axial rotation of the upper arm was investigated. An original surface regression fitting method using an orthogonal homogeneous polynomial basis has been presented. The method was used to fit(More)
There is an obvious interest in a combined meningococcus-measles vaccine since the two diseases are widespread and serious in Third World countries among children under five years of age. The purpose of our study was to show the safety and effectiveness of such a combined preparation. The study covered 110 children between 8 months and 4 years of age who(More)
Seventy-one batches of nonspecific gamma-globulin obtained from France, USSR and Mongolia were studied for presence of specific antibody to group A and C meningococcus polysaccharide. Specific activity was tested by two methods: radioimmunoassay (Lyon) and reaction of passive haemagglutination inhibition (Moscow). Antibodies were detected in all the(More)