Marie E. Cox

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Response time (RT) variability is a common finding in ADHD research. RT variability may reflect frontal cortex function and may be related to deficits in sustained attention. The existence of a sustained attention deficit in ADHD has been debated, largely because of inconsistent evidence of time-on-task effects. A fixed-sequence Sustained Attention to(More)
Increased variability in reaction time (RT) has been proposed as a cardinal feature of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Increased variability during sustained attention tasks may reflect inefficient fronto-striatal and fronto-parietal circuitry; activity within these circuits is modulated by the catecholamines. A disruption to dopamine(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Early language delays across the preschool period have important implications for children, parents, and services raising the significance of early identification. Screening tests are an appealing solution but have proved problematic. A combined risk model would seem promising but has yet to be tested. The goal of this study was to(More)
With a prevalence of urinary incontinence in the community of approximately 30 percent for older adults, and mixed findings on the relationship between psychosocial effects and bladder patterns, it is important to understand the effective (functional) and ineffective (dysfunctional) coping mechanisms older adults use to confront incontinence. This study(More)
This study tested common assumptions that very low birth weight (VLBW) infants (less than 1500 g) adversely affected families and that if affected parents could choose again, they would prefer not to save potentially handicapped VLBW infants. A survey of parents, which used a validated impact-on-family questionnaire, was sent to families of all 144(More)
The impact of landuse on stream salinity is currently difficult to separate from the effect of climate, as the decadal scale climatic cycles in groundwater and stream hydrology have similar wavelengths to the landuse pattern. These hydrological cycles determine the stream salinity through accumulation or release of salt in the landscape. Widespread patterns(More)
Although pediatricians and neonatal nurses influence parents' treatment decisions, little is known about their attitudes toward active treatment of very low birth weight (VLBW) infants (less than 1500 g) and how they compare with parental attitudes. A survey of all 50 pediatricians in Newfoundland (72% response), all 53 neonatal intensive care nurses at the(More)
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a heritable childhood onset disorder that is marked by variability at multiple levels including clinical presentation, cognitive profile, and response to stimulant medications. It has been suggested that this variability may reflect etiological differences, particularly, at the level of underlying genetics.(More)
AIM AND OBJECTIVES The aim of this review was to address: (1) How is spinal stability assessed? (2) What is the role of bracing/should braces be used? (3) When is it safe to mobilise the patient? (4) What position should the patient be nursed in? BACKGROUND Controversy surrounds the care for patients with metastatic spinal cord compression (MSCC). There(More)
The influence of tubule orientation on the transition from fatigue to fatigue crack growth in human dentin was examined. Compact tension (CT) and rectangular beam specimens were prepared from the coronal dentin of molars with three unique tubule orientations (i.e., 0 degrees , 45 degrees and 90 degrees). The CT specimens (N=25) were used to characterize(More)