Marie Drouin

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D. K. Blackman, B. Ildefonse, B. E. John, Y. Ohara, D. J. Miller, N. Abe, M. Abratis, E. S. Andal, M. Andreani, S. Awaji, J. S. Beard, D. Brunelli, A. B. Charney, D. M. Christie, J. Collins, A. G. Delacour, H. Delius, M. Drouin, F. Einaudi, J. Escartín, B. R. Frost, G. Früh‐Green, P. B. Fryer, J. S. Gee, M. Godard, C. B. Grimes, A. Halfpenny, H.‐E. Hansen,(More)
In a former paper, Drouin et al. [6] proposed a model for dispersion phenomena in heated channels that works for both laminar and turbulent regimes. This model, derived according to the double averaging procedure, leads to satisfactory predictions of mean temperature. In order to derive dispersion coefficients, the so called ‘‘closure problem’’ was solved,(More)
The solid-state structure of (-)-scopolamine hydrobromide sesquihydrate was determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis at low temperature. (Nr,C alpha-S)-(-)-Scopolamine hydrobromide sesquihydrate gives crystals belonging to the tetragonal space group P4(3)2(1)2, and at 180 K: a = 11.870(4), c = 26.193(3) A, V = 3691(1) A3, Z = 8, R(F) = 0.062,(More)
(1) 1,9-trans-1,2-cisoid-2,6-cis-4,11,11-Tris(methoxycarbonyl)-6- methyltricyclo[,6)]-tridec-7-ene-4,2-carbolacton e+ ++, C21H26O8, Mr = 406.43, monoclinic, P1, a = 6.0774 (2), b = 12.3784 (5), c = 14.2565 (4) A, alpha = 72.906 (3), beta = 86.361 (3), gamma = 78.181 (3) degrees, V = 1003.38 (6) A3, Dx = 1.345 Mg m-3, Z = 2, lambda (Cu K alpha) =(More)
PURPOSE Although old generations of scleral contact lenses were totally replaced by soft and hard contact lenses, new designs and materials have recently allowed the successful use of nonfenestrated scleral contact lenses in patients who are intolerant to regular contact lenses. These new scleral contact lenses form a bridge over the cornea, which is thus(More)
This work aims to model turbulent flows in media laden with solid structures according to porous media approach. A complete set of macroscopic transport equations is derived by spatially averaging the Reynolds averaged governing equations. A two-scale analysis highlights energy transfers between macroscopic and sub-filter kinetic energies (dispersive and(More)
The solid-state structure of (+/-)-N-desmethylnefopam hydrochloride (1), a metabolite of the analgesic drug, was determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. Compound 1 gave crystalline prisms belonging to the orthorhombic Pcab space group, and at ambient temperature (293 K), a = 9.939(2), b = 14.479(1), c = 20.148(3) A, V = 2899.5(8) A3, Z = 8,(More)
C20H24O6, Mr = 360.41 lambda (Cu K alpha) = 1.54056 A, room temperature. (I) (5 beta,10 beta,13 alpha,14 alpha)-Methyl 14-hydroxy-1,7,17-trioxoandrost-8-ene-19-oate, triclinic, P1, a = 7.9514 (5), b = 9.2892 (5), c = 12.8534 (12) A, alpha = 81.256 (6), beta = 75.796 (6), gamma = 77.908 (5) degrees, V = 894.85 (11) A3, Z = 2, Dx = 1.338 Mg m-3, mu = 0.77(More)
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