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Functional frontal lobe deficits were examined in 38 men who committed domestic violence and 38 control participants. Dependent measures that examine frontal lobe deficits, including the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (D. A. Grant & E. A. Berg, 1948), the Stroop Color-Word Test (J. R. Stroop, 1935), and Trails B (R. M. Reitan & L. A. Davidson, 1974), were(More)
BACKGROUND There is worldwide variation in rehabilitation practices after total hip arthroplasty (THA) and total knee arthroplasty (TKA) and no agreement on which interventions will lead to optimal short and long term patient outcomes. As a first step in the development of clinical practice guidelines for post-acute rehabilitation after THA and TKA, we(More)
BACKGROUND Since the last decade there has been a gradual change of boundaries of health professions in providing arthritis care. In Canada, some facilities have begun to adopt new arthritis care models, some of which involve physiotherapists (PT) working in extended roles. However, little is known about PTs' interests in these new roles. The primary(More)
Purpose of the study Lersivirine (UK-453,051), a new potent NNRTI, displays novel binding with a unique in vitro resistance profile, and shows potential for use against transmitted NNRTI resistant virus and as a candidate for sequential NNRTI therapy. Further in vitro analyses have been performed to establish the breadth of activity and identify potential(More)
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