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Consider an option on a stock whose volatility is unknown and stochastic. An agent assumes this volatility to be a specific function of time and the stock price, knowing that this assumption may result in a misspecification of the volatility. However, if the misspecified volatility dominates the true volatility, then the misspecified price of the option(More)
Remerciements Mes premiers remerciements vont naturellement à mes directeurs François Baccelli et Marc Lelarge, qui ont supervisé ce travail d'une façon remarquable et complémen-taire. C'est à François que je dois le parcours original que je me suis efforcé de suivre depuis mon entrée à l'école normale supérieure. Sa foi exemplaire en l'intéraction des(More)
Autocatalytic reaction fronts between reacted and unreacted species may propagate as solitary waves, namely at a constant front velocity and with a stationary concentration profile, resulting from a balance between molecular diffusion and chemical reaction. A velocity field in the supporting medium may affect the propagation of such fronts through different(More)
The goal of this unit is to uncover the physical laws involved in cellular functions. To this end, the teams follow cross-disciplinary approaches involving physics, chemistry and biology. Studies cover a breadth of projects ranging from from single molecules (molecular motors, DNA-protein interactions, membrane proteins) to cellular functions (cell(More)
Dissemination in level PU Public PP Restricted to other programme participants (including the Commission Services) RE Restricted to a group specified by the consortium (including the Commission Services) CO Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services)
AIM To map the nature and extent of existing palliative care education activities. METHOD Data was gathered from questionnaires, face-to-face and telephone interviews, visiting palliative care teams across Mount Vernon Cancer Network and attendance at conferences, meetings and seminars. A comprehensive needs assessment for palliative care education within(More)