Marie-Claude Frasson

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We describe an interactive system to reconstruct 3D geometry and extract textures from a set of photographs taken with arbitrary camera parameters. The basic idea is to let the user draw 2D geometry on the images and set constraints using these drawings. Because the input comes directly from the user, he can more easily resolve most of the ambiguities and(More)
Lighting design is often tedious due to the required physical manipulation of real light sources and objects. As an alternative, we present an interactive system to virtually modify the lighting and geometry of scenes with both real and synthetic objects, including mixed real/virtual lighting and shadows. In our method, real scene geometry is first(More)
Modeling complex realistic objects is a difficult and time consuming process. Nevertheless, with improvements in rendering speed and quality, more and more applications require such realistic complex 3D objects. We present an interactive modeling system that extracts 3D objects from photographs. Our key contribution lies in the tight integration of a(More)
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