Marie-Claude Dery

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During rat estrous cycle, the endometrium proliferates in response to sex steroids and specific endometrial epithelial cells undergo apoptosis in absence of embryonic factors. The central executioner of apoptosis is a family of aspartic acid-specific cysteine proteases known as caspases. Smac/DIABLO is released from the mitochondria during apoptosis and its(More)
Molecular and intra-cellular mechanisms involved in the regulation of apoptosis processes in endometrial cells are poorly understood and documented. We have investigated the possibility that Akt survival pathway might be involved in the regulation of apoptosis in the uterus during the estrous cycle. Rats with regular estrous cycle (4 days) were killed at(More)
BACKGROUND To date, tools to study metastasis in endometrial cancers are insufficiently developed. The aim of this study was to characterize the cell line EN-1078D, a new endometrial carcinoma cell line derived from a metastasis to the ovary. METHODS AND RESULTS Cells were characterized using cytology, transmission electron microscopy, karyotyping and(More)
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