Marie Claude Breton

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New local treatments based on electromagnetic fields have been developed as non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments of tumors. In particular, short electric pulses can induce important non-thermal changes in cell physiology, especially the permeabilization of the cell membrane. The aim of this review is to summarize the present data on the(More)
The use of small interfering RNA (siRNA) is a blossoming technique for gene regulation. However, its therapeutic potential is today severely hampered by the lack of an efficient means of safely delivering these nucleic acids to the intracellular medium. We report here that a single 10 ns high-voltage electric pulse can permeabilize lipid vesicles and allow(More)
We report a novel nontoxic, high-yield, gene delivery system based on the synergistic use of nanosecond electric pulses (NPs) and nanomolar doses of the recently introduced CM18-Tat11 chimeric peptide (sequence of KWKLFKKIGAVLKVLTTGYGRKKRRQRRR, residues 1-7 of cecropin-A, 2-12 of melittin, and 47-57 of HIV-1 Tat protein). This combined use makes it possible(More)
Giant unilamellar vesicles (GUV) are widely used cell membrane models. GUVs have a cell-like diameter and contain the same phospholipids that constitute cell membranes. The most frequently used protocol to obtain these vesicles is termed electroformation, since key steps of this protocol consist in the application of an electric field to a phospholipid(More)
UNLABELLED Health-related quality of life instruments may be generic or specific. In general, only generic instruments use preference-based scoring. We report on a novel approach to combine in one instrument the strengths of the specific approach, greater disease relevance and responsiveness, with those of preference-based scoring, generalizability through(More)
The Simple Calculated Osteoporosis Risk Estimation (SCORE) questionnaire is a tool to assist physicians to identify women who might require bone densitometry. The purpose of this study was to develop a Canadian SCORE and to assess validity and reliability. Twenty sites enrolled 307 postmenopausal women ages 50-70 yr. SCORE results were compared to hip and(More)
Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) containing traces of iron oxide were functionalized by noncovalent lipid-PEG or covalent carboxylic acid function to supply new efficient MRI contrast agents for in vitro and in vivo applications. Longitudinal (r(1)) and transversal (r(2)) water proton relaxivities were measured at 300 MHz, showing a stronger T(2)(More)
BACKGROUND We have previously developed lipopolythiourea lipids as neutral DNA condensing agents for systemic gene delivery. Optimization of the lipopolythiourea structure led to efficient transfecting agents. To further evaluate these lipids, we investigated the internalization process of the thiourea lipoplexes and their intracellular mechanism of(More)
We assessed in this work how a chemical structure difference could influence a supramolecular organization and then its biological properties. In our case study, we considered two amphiphilic lipidic gene vectors. The chemical difference was situated on their hydrophilic part which was either a pure neutral thiourea head or a mixture of three thiourea(More)
Our research on lipidic vectors for transfection led us to develop thiourea lipids able to interact with DNA. Hence, we developed a series of lipopolythioureas based on the strong hydrogen bond donor ability of thiourea. More recently we have reported a branched hydroxylated bis-thiourea derivative with interesting transfecting properties. The last step of(More)