Marie-Christine Noel-Jorand

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The respiratory sensation was studied in Nepal at four different altitudes, 1377 m before and after the ascension, 2800 m, 3900 m and 530 m. Dyspnea was noted at each altitude for the nine subjects. They had to rate 4 external resistive loads between 2.5 and 13 cm H2O.l-1.s, presented in 2 pairs, a low and a high one. The discrimination between the loads(More)
The aim of this study was to describe and understand the relationship of swimmers' practice intensity and alexithymia features in discourse. This study investigated psychological processes in two groups of male swimmers training at different intensities. The first group was composed of 10 Expert amateurs (M age = 19.5 yr., SD = 1.9), who were competing at(More)
A discourse analysis was carried out on nine European lowlanders during a 2-month scientific expedition at high altitude including a 3-week stay in extreme survival conditions at the summit of Mt. Sajama (6542 m), in order to contribute to the understanding of psychological adaptation to extreme environments. This discourse analysis was part of a(More)
Respiratory sensation was studied in European low-landers at an altitude of 4382 m after a helicopter flight in order to investigate the acute and prolonged effects of high altitude hypoxia. At rest the ability to detect four inspiratory resistive loads can be used to create a sensitivity index P(A) without taking the response bias (B) into account, based(More)
Persisting modifications induced by repeated intravenous calcium infusion (acute hypercalcaemia) were investigated in 6 Thomas fistula dogs: 4 controls and 4 calcium-treated dogs, two of which were studied as controls. (a) The pancreatic response to graded doses of synthetic secretin (water and bicarbonate outputs) was significantly reduced in(More)
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