Marie-Christine Laferrière-Simard

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On a phenomenological level, there's an important overlap between dissociative and psychotic symptoms. Furthermore, traumatic etiology, recognized in dissociative disorders, is also increasingly considered in psychosis. These similarities create confusion in clinical settings with important repercussions for individuals suffering from these disorders.(More)
The therapeutic alliance is considered an essential component of any clinical or psychological intervention. The therapeutic alliance can however change over time, and therefore it is relevant to determine if the alliance and its variations are related to clinical outcomes. The present study had three objectives: (1) determine the impact of the alliance(More)
This study examined the validity of dissociative schizophrenia diagnostic criteria. In the first phase, 50 participants with a psychotic disorder were administered the Dissociative Experiences Scale and the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire to identify those with dissociative characteristics. In the second phase, we selected those who had a score of 15 or(More)
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