Marie-Christine Escande

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Subjects with posttraumatic stress disorder exhibit abnormalities in many psychobiological systems. Studies of the effects of stress on learning and memory processes suggest that fear conditioning, behavioural sensitisation, and a failure of extinction may be important in the persistence and reexperiencing of traumatic memories and stress sensitivity. All(More)
Elderly patients have previously been shown to have an increased plasma concentration of tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) antigen (t-PA Ag). Since the concentration of t-PA Ag depends on both free t-PA and t-PA complexed with inhibitors, mainly plasminogen activator inhibitor (PA inhibitor), we have investigated the relationship between the plasma(More)
Plasma kinetics of pipotiazine have been studied in ten schizophrenic patients after oral administration of single dose of pipotiazine at 7 a.m. (30 mg, drops). Peak plasma concentrations are reached one hour after administration (41.8 +/- 19,9 ng/ml) and then rapidly decline until 24 h (2.2 +/- 1.2 ng/ml). During the following days plasma concentrations(More)
Formation of resilient biofilms on medical devices colonized by pathogenic microorganisms is a major cause of health-care associated infection. While in vitro biofilm analyses led to promising anti-biofilm approaches, little is known about their translation to in vivo situations and on host contribution to the in vivo dynamics of infections on medical(More)
The double-blind controlled trials between benzodiazepines and antidepressants show that benzodiazepines have not specific antidepressive action in depression. The benzodiazepines exert limited effect on the anxiety of endogenous and melancholia. They have definitive properties in neurotic depressions and mixed anxious-depressive states. In theses states,(More)
Since the first publication in 2004, a large number of reports have raised the question of an association between ocular adnexal lymphoma and Chlamydia psittaci. The results of this scientific debate, however, remain controversial. The primary objective of this paper was therefore to raise important questions concerning the interpretation of the different(More)
In a retrospective study, we compared the months of birth of 3,106 psychiatric inpatients to those of 1,943 surgical patients collected during the same period 1981-1991 in the same hospital, and of a sample of 10,003,572 births in France in 1977-1989. DSM III-R categories were modified so to allow a comparison with former studies, and psychiatric patients(More)