Marie-Christine Dictor

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High levels of arsenic in groundwater and drinking water are a major health problem. Although the processes controlling the release of As are still not well known, the reductive dissolution of As-rich Fe oxyhydroxides has so far been a favorite hypothesis. Decoupling between arsenic and iron redox transformations has been experimentally demonstrated, but(More)
A novel approach is developed for predicting body trajectories for cancer progression, where conditional probabilities of clinical data are modeled using Hidden Markov Model techniques. Basically, each potential body site is encoded by an N-letter code, and a disease trajectory is described in terms of a string of letters. Patient data base records are then(More)
Biochemical methods were selected to evaluate the role of exopolymeric substances in the stability of biofilms used in bioremediation processes. Biofilms of Thiomonas arsenivorans formed on pozzolana were thus treated with pronase (protein target), lectins (Con A or PNA), calcofluor or periodic acid (polysaccharides target), DNase (DNA target), and lipase(More)
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