Marie Chilton

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Cloned DNA sequences encoding yeast alcohol dehydrogenase and a bacterial neomycin phosphotransferase have been inserted into the T-DNA of Agrobacterium tumefaciens plasmid pTiT37 at the "rooty" locus. Transformation of tobacco stem segments with the engineered bacterial strains produced attenuated crown gall tumors that were capable of regeneration into(More)
Agrobacterium tumefaciens strains containing tumour-inducing (Ti) plasmids incite cancerous growths called crown galls when inoculated into wounded dicotyledonous plants. Tumour tissue can be cultured axenically in vitro, and exhibits a transformed phenotype in the absence of the inciting bacterium. Transformed cells grow autonomously, are auxin and(More)
Deletions of border regions of T-DNA on Agrobacterium Ti plasmid or mini-T plasmid have shown the right border region of pTiT37 T-DNA to be more active than the left border region in promoting T-DNA transformation. In this study we examine the possibility that the apparent difference in activity of left and right border regions may be due to position or(More)
The College's 23rd annual Spring Research Conference (SRC) was held from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 21. The SRC gives students, both undergraduate and graduate, a chance to present the results of their research from the previous year. Each student participant had twelve minutes to present his or her research, with three minutes afterward to answer(More)
The nucleotide sequence of the T-DNA region encoding transcripts 6a and 6b of the pTiT37 nopaline Ti plasmid has been determined. Analysis of this sequence allowed us to find two open reading frames in opposite orientation and separated by 482 bp. Comparison with previous published nucleotide sequences of the homologous regions of the pTiAch5 and the(More)
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