Marie-Carmen Monje

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Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by several fungi contaminating crops. In several countries, the maximum permitted levels of mycotoxins are found in foodstuffs and feedstuffs. The common strategy of mycotoxin analysis involves extraction, clean-up and quantification by chromatography. In this paper, we analyzed the reasons of underestimation of(More)
Neuronal protein synthesis is inhibited in CA1 pyramidal neurons for many hours after ischemia, hypoxia or hypoglycemia. This inhibition precedes cell death, is a hallmark characteristic of necrotic damage and may play a key role in the death of vulnerable neurons after these insults. The sequence of events leading to this inhibition remains to be fully(More)
A critical review of the literature shows that there are controversal interpretations of thephenomenon fixation disparity. The former findings of Ogle and coworkers are ascertained byinvertigator to close the central gap in the fusional patter. Formerly the gap was essentialdue to polarisation techiques. 1. Without central gap fixation disparity decreases,(More)
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