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OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence of genital Chlamydia trachomatis infection in young patients presenting to general practitioners and to evaluate selective screening, based on risk factors, including gender. METHODS A cross sectional survey of 508 consecutive patients aged 18-24, presenting to six general practices and one youth clinic in Mackay,(More)
In a previous study we have shown that cultured neural crest cells exhibit spontaneous calcium transients and that these events are required for neurogenesis. In this study, we examine the mechanism that generates these calcium transients. Extracellular Ca(2+) modulates calcium transient activity. Lanthanum (La(3+)), a general calcium channel antagonist and(More)
The trunk neural crest gives rise to peripheral sensory and sympathetic neurons. In culture, neural crest cells can be induced to differentiate into either neuronal phenotype. Few studies have examined the differentiation of physiological properties in cultures of neural crest cells. Using whole-cell recordings, our study examined the effects of growth(More)
We have shown that cultured mouse neural crest (NC) cells exhibit transient increases in intracellular calcium. Up to 50% of the cultured NC-derived cells exhibited calcium transients during the period of neuronal differentiation. As neurogenic activity declined, so did the percentage of active NC-derived cells and their calcium spiking frequency. The(More)
The clearances of twelve amino acids from the ventricles during ventriculo-cisternal perfusion in the rabbit have been measured; uptake by the brain was also measured and this permitted the separate computation of loss to brain and loss to blood during the perfusion. Clearance under carrier-free conditions was greater than when a concentration of 5mM(More)
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