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Hemispherical asymmetry is a prominent feature of Earth's inner core, but how this asymmetry relates to core growth is unknown. Based on multiple-scattering modeling of seismic velocity and attenuation measurements sampling the whole uppermost inner core, we propose that the growth of the solid core implies an eastward drift of the material, driven by(More)
This paper investigates the scattering of scalar and elastic waves in two-phase materials and single-mineral-cubic, hexagonal, orthorhombic-polycrystalline aggregates with randomly oriented grains. Based on the Dyson equation for the mean field, explicit expressions for the imaginary part of Green's function in the frequency-wavenumber domain (ω, p), also(More)
Keywords: Moon Seismology Seismological network Optimisation Inverse problems Ray theory Internal structure Earthquake location Design Experiment a b s t r a c t Fundamental scientific questions concerning the internal structure and dynamics of the Moon, and their implications on the Earth–Moon System, are driving the deployment of a new broadband(More)
We propose to model the uppermost inner core as an aggregate of randomly oriented anisotropic " patches ". A patch is defined as an assemblage of a possibly large number of crystals with identically oriented crystallographic axes. This simple model accounts for the observed velocity isotropy of short period body waves, and offers a reasonable physical(More)
We sought (1) to identify risk factors for meconium aspiration syndrome (MAS) among infants born to women whose labors were complicated by thick-consistency meconium-stained amniotic fluid (MSAF), and (2) to determine whether risk factors and infant prognosis differ according to the time of onset of respiratory distress. We performed a secondary analysis of(More)