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PURPOSE Helicobacter pylori infection by virulent strains is associated with gastric adenocarcinoma. We aimed to determine whether infection with virulent H. pylori preceded precancerous gastric(More)
Dysregulated anabolic responses to nutrition/exercise may contribute to sarcopenia; however, these characteristics are poorly defined in female populations. We determined the effects of two feeding(More)
Skeletal muscle anabolism associated with postprandial plasma aminoacidemia and insulinemia is contingent upon amino acids (AA) and insulin crossing the microcirculation-myocyte interface. In this(More)
The anabolic effects of nutrition on skeletal muscle may depend on adequate skeletal muscle perfusion, which is impaired in older people. Cocoa flavanols have been shown to improve flow-mediated(More)
Syed S. I. Bukhari,* Bethan E. Phillips,* Daniel J. Wilkinson, Marie C. Limb, Debbie Rankin, William K. Mitchell, Hisamine Kobayashi, Paul L. Greenhaff, Kenneth Smith, and Philip J. Atherton Medical(More)