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We report on the reproducibility of human observers' vanishing detection thresholds for visual targets in contrast-detail (C/D) analysis of ultrasound B-mode images. The images used in this study contain visual targets which are circular cross sections of constant-contrast conical structures in the C/D phantom. The vanishing threshold diameters for these(More)
Introduction The Mariana Archipelago is made up of 15 islands stretching approximately 880 km in a north‐south arc from the northern‐most island of Farallón de Pájaros (also known as Uracas, located at 20° 31'N, 144° 54'E) to Guam (the largest and southern‐most island, located at 13° 28' N, 144° 47' E). The southern (" Main ") Mariana Islands from Guam to(More)
Mission The Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center's (PIFSC) Cetacean Research Program (CRP) has been conducting visual surveys for cetaceans in the waters surrounding Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) and collecting long-term passive acoustic monitoring data at two sites in CNMI as part of an ongoing effort to develop a(More)
Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center Administrative Reports are issued to promptly disseminate scientific and technical information to marine resource managers, scientists, and the general public. Their contents cover a range of topics, including biological and economic research, stock assessment, trends in fisheries, and other subjects. Administrative(More)
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