Marie Cécile Douard

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The accumulation of infected clots under the silicone septum of the reservoir of venous access ports (VAPs) has been reported. We analyzed the relationship between these deposits and the occurrence of VAP-related bloodstream infections (VAP-BSIs) by (1) evaluating the accuracy of paired quantitative blood cultures for diagnosing VAP-BSI before the removal(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate and compare the risk of long-term central venous catheter (CVC) infection in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected and cancer patients. DESIGN Prospective multicenter cohort study based on active surveillance of long-term CVC manipulations and patient outcome over a 6-month period. SETTING Services of infectious diseases and(More)
The authors report on three cases of benign neurogenic tumors of the duodenum, two of which degenerated. They discuss the difficulties involved in diagnosis and treatment. In one case, the tumor was simply excised. In the two cases of malignant tumors, the excision was wider because of extensions to the liver or colon. Postoperative chemotherapy was applied(More)
Central venous catheters (CVC) have proven to be a reliable route of the administration of chemotherapy, saline, blood cells and nutritional support in patients with malignant haematological disease. However, infection remained one of the most important causes of morbidity associated with this procedure. The aims of this study were a) to evaluate the(More)