Marie Burke

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The influence of scanner acoustic noise on somatosensory activation pattern in rat cortex was investigated by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) using the blood oxygenation level-dependent (BOLD) contrast. This was achieved by two approaches. The first approach was to compare a conventional, loud fMRI sequence with a new sequence, in which the(More)
MicroRNA (miRNA) are a class of non-coding, 19-25 nucleotide RNA critical for network-level regulation of gene expression. miRNA serve as paracrine signaling molecules. Using an unbiased array approach, we previously identified elevated levels of miR-224 and miR-103 to be associated with a monogenic form of diabetes; HNF1A-MODY. miR-224 is a novel miRNA in(More)
PURPOSE Our aim was to determine whether a radiotherapy technique for treating breast cancer patients in a prone position could be developed as a means of reducing toxicity. We also aimed to consider its suitability for testing in a large randomized study. METHODS AND MATERIALS Based on the sparse literature and techniques currently used at other centres,(More)
This paper considers the relationship between the economic concept of time preference and relevant concepts from psychology and biology. Using novel data from a time diary study conducted in Ireland that combined detailed psychometric testing with medical testing and realtime bio-tracking, we examine the distribution of a number of psychometric measures(More)
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