Marie Brette

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The PeroxiBase ( is a specialized database devoted to peroxidases' families, which are major actors of stress responses. In addition to the increasing number of sequences and the complete modification of the Web interface, new analysis tools and functionalities have been developed since the previous publication in the NAR(More)
The temporal branches of the facial nerve, and in particular the rami for the frontalis muscle, have been the subject of many studies with the main objective of avoiding injury. The usual reference points, sometimes difficult to localise, anatomical variations in their branching and anastomoses are the main points of our investigation. This anatomical(More)
Approach to the pterygomaxillary fossa under the base of skull, a difficult operation, has been facilitated by the use of a technique derived from the Lefort I osteotomy. Satisfactory access to the fossa and to the posterior-base region is obtained and esthetic or functional sequelae avoided.
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